I am a fan of the Appetite series, but I have to wait six days before I can continue, so I thought until then, what better thing to do than talk to the fandom about what they of the series, me personally I have a lot of things to say, I will try to update this page every day!

Day 1:

This is the first day I will be talking about the series, this series always succeeds to make me cry, it makes me very emotional when I think they may be killing off one of the characters.

P.S. These notes about the series have spoilers, sorry!

Day 2:

It doesn't feel like its been that long since day one was put up, but to get back on the subject at hand, I love all of the characters, no matter how mentally crazy they are. If you make a bond with any of the characters (I did) prepare for a world of emotion, rocking left to right, back and forth, for me, its a sad feeling when that happens to me, let me know how that makes you feel? I will use my favorites comments as answers for this question

Day 3:

I have only received one comment saying that they also feel sad in that situation, for the next question, who are your favorite characters, and why? I know, I know, this seems like a firs grade homework assignment, but if you don't want to explain why that's fine with me, I can't wait to see your responses!