Appearance Edit

Dohoon is rather tall, with a somewhat tan skin tone. He has short black and green hair, as well as dark black eyes. He also wears rather normal clothing.

Personality Edit

Dohoon's personality changes over time throughout the series. In the beginning, Dohoon was depressed and had feelings of self-harm and suicide. He was also anxious, had feelings of loneliness, and believed that he couldn't do anything right.

However, after meeting Min Aji, Dohoon eventually becomes more confident in himself, despite still getting scared easily. He becomes outgoing and friendly and becomes more social at school and in general.

Dohoon also becomes more brave and courageous as time goes on after being put in numerous dangerous situations.

He will sacrifice himself for Aji in any situation because he always says "I'm just going to get eaten anyway, so what's the point?"

He also is quite dumb about stuff like dating, like when Yoon Siyeon ask him if he like Min Aji he thought she meant as friends and when he said he liked Aji he just said it out loud unknowing of what to do.

Powers and Abilities  Edit

Enhanced Strength and Accuracy Edit

Dohoon has the physical power and accuracy of a Drinker, minus the ability to hunt. Dohoon is naturally physically fit, and his accuracy allows him to shoot targets that are incredibly fast.

Bazooka Edit


Dohoon picking out his new weapon, the Bazooka.

Dohoon's weapon of choice is the Bazooka. It is a gun that fires quickly and damages enemies. He also possesses a bullet that when it comes into contact with a Drinker, it slows them down.

Drinker's Foot Edit

Dohoon's left foot is that of a Drinker's, which allows him to better jump and dodge. It also increases his kicking power.

Symbol Edit


Dohoon activating his symbol for the first time.

Because Dohoon is half human and half drinker, he has the power of the Symbol. The Symbol grants Dohoon a unique power. While it has not been officially discussed, Dohoon's symbol seems to modify his weapons. Turning his Bazooka into a massive weapon. It also can be used to create weapons that shine damaging light into an enemy. However, his symbol comes at a great cost. Using his symbol decreases his life span significantly because he isn't meant to use it.

Relationships Edit

Min Aji Edit

Dohoon first meets Aji when he sees her devouring a drunken man that Dohoon walked past one night. Initially he is horrified by her, and saw her as a monster. Later, Aji saves him from jumping off of the roof of his school, and tells him that he can live for her now, and will be eaten by her when he turns 20, because he is known as the "Delicious Human".

Time goes on as Aji protects Dohoon from numerous Drinkers, as well as his high school bullies. Eventually Dohoon develops a crush on Aji, however, when he confesses she runs off. Later after being attacked by Yoon Siyeon Aji cuts ties with Dohoon, cutting off his Drinker foot and leaving him. The two part ways for a while until Aji is attacked by Ciel, Dohoon gets to her and throws himself in front of her to save her life. They continue like this for a while after the fight with Ciel.

Eventually after learning of Siyeon's life as a Drinker, it is revealed that Dohoon wants to live, and that he lied to Aji about wanting to be eaten. Eventually during a fight with Roger, Aji becomes a monster. Only Dohoon can get through to her and eventually he gets her to confess her romantic feelings for him. The two set out to defeat the King, in order to be together.

During the fight with the King, after Aji is injured, Dohoon despite knowing that it damages him activates his symbol. He declares his love for Aji while attacking the King, saying that life isn't worth living without her. After witnessing her getting beat down by The King, Dohoon eventually makes the choice to allow Aji to eat his arm, in order to allow her to heal her wounds, showing his dedication to her.

Yoon Siyeon Edit

Dohoon met Siyeon when he was 5 years old and she was introduced into his life as a distant relative. When growing up, Dohoon saw Siyeon as the only friend he had, even expressing that if he died, she would be the only person to mourn his death. He lived with her and Salem for most of his childhood until eventually moving out.

Dohoon cared about Siyeon during his time at his new high school, even though she frequently worried about him. After being attacked by Roger and having to stay at Sagi's house, Dohoon freaks out when he realizes that he hadn't made contact with Siyeon for days. Dohoon also noticed Siyeon's strange attitude when going to the amusement park with her and Aji. Siyeon eventually is able to convince Dohoon to return to her home despite him being a bit apprehensive.

After getting a call from Kyumin, Dohoon learns that Siyeon is a drinker and gets away from her as fast as possible. Dohoon is greatly distressed that his best and only friend was lying to him for 13 years. Eventually once meeting her again he admits that he knew that Siyeon made him into an outcast. After learning that it was her choice to make him an outcast, he snaps and attacks her. After the battle, Siyeon joins the group, and Dohoon questions why she was allowed to join. He feels like he was betrayed by the person he trusted the most. Eventually though Dohoon forgives Siyeon, and the two become friends once again.

Cho Kyumin Edit

When Dohoon first met Kyumin he immediately identified him as a bully. Kyumin was responsible for Dohoon's suffering during his new high school. Later, after learning that Dohoon is the Delicious Human, he reveals that he's a Drinker Hunter and that he'll protect and be friends with Dohoon. Dohoon is happy at first but after asking about why Kyumin bullies people, he decides to reject his offer. This leads Kyumin to attempt to kill Dohoon.

After the encounter with Roger, Dohoon and Kyumin grow a bit closer, no longer hating each other. Kyumin helps train Dohoon to fight Drinkers as well. Eventually the two become friends, with Kyumin eventually apologizing for bullying Dohoon back when they were in high school.