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Min Aji is the female protagonist of the webtoon series Appetite. She's the daughter of Hyun and King Charles, the adoptive daughter of Min Sagi, and later on the lover of Lee Dohoon.


Aji is a bit short, with pale skin. She has the appearance of a cute schoolgirl with short dark blonde hair and dim red eyes. At the beginning of the series, she wears a typical schoolgirl outfit, before eventually switching to a red jacket and black shorts.

After devouring Dohoon's foot, her hair grew much longer, down to the small of her back.


Aji has a very interesting personality. Upon first sight, Aji seems to have the attitude of a cute high school girl. However, Aji is very confident in her abilities, she can be brash and outspoken at times as well. But Aji's personality goes a lot deeper than that. Aji has a terrible fear of abandonment from her childhood, as well as having trust issues because of how she was raised.

Powers and Abilities

Drinker Strength and Speed

Being an Eater, Aji has the superhuman strength and speed of a Drinker. This makes her incredibly fast and deadly. She has a Drinker's trademark recovery ability, able to heal even the most dangerous wounds, however, her healing factor can wear off if she's used it too much at one time. Additionally, she has incredible perception, allowing her to hear things from far away.


Aji uses her nails as her main weapon. They can cut through flesh easily and quickly.

Monster Form

Aji in her monster form staring down Roger.

When Aji is worked up enough and loses control of her powers and abilities, Aji transforms into her monster form. Her monster form is a large, bipedal dark purple monster that retains her dark blonde hair and red eyes. She has sharp claws and teeth, as well as a powerful skin that isn't able to be pierced by bullets. However, she can not distinguish friend or foe in her bestial form, which is dangerous to her allies.


Roger realizing that Aji's Symbol is the same as the King's.

Aji's symbol is the same as the King's. It is the power to create devastatingly powerful explosions at will. When Aji uses her Symbol, she has the same power as the King's, and her Symbol's pattern matches his. Unlike her monster form Aji does not have problems with identifying allies or enemies. Additionally, her hair becomes a lighter blonde color and her eyes become a light red, which is similar to the King's traits.


Lee Dohoon

When Aji first met Dohoon she was ecstatic because she had found a Delicious Human. After saving his life, she promised him protection until he turned 20, which was when she would eat him and gain godly powers. Aside from protecting him, Aji was somewhat cold towards Dohoon, often disassociating from him at school. However, Aji would always show up to help him if he was in trouble. After their first encounter with Roger, Aji acts more friendly towards Dohoon and hangs out with him at school. Aji prevented Dohoon from killing his childhood bullies, and helped him get back to his usual self.

After Dohoon confessed his feelings for her, Aji ran off, having trouble with her feelings. After getting warned by Siyeon to not go near Dohoon, she coldly rejects his affections. Likening him to livestock and herself as the breeder. Once she goes home she struggles with him leaving. During the fight with Ciel when Dohoon arrives he throws himself in front of Aji to protect her. When she later wakes up Dohoon is the first thing she asks about. She later confesses to Kyumin that she likes Dohoon, so in order to eat him she'll stop liking him.

After Aji stops Dohoon and Siyeon's fight, she hears Dohoon rant about being lied to and wanting to die, she sees right through him and hits him with a powerful punch as she yells at him for lying to her about wanting to be eaten. Aji later makes fun of Dohoon for this incident. After Sagi dies and Aji becomes a monster, Dohoon confronts Aji, where she finally confessed her feelings for him. Aji later expresses that the reassuring things that Dohoon say help her not be scared of the impending battle with the King. Aji always wants to save Dohoon, however, she also sees Dohoon as someone she can rely on, especially when he lets her eat his arm to survive. This shows how much he cares about Aji and she protects him out of love.

Min Sagi

Aji was adopted by Sagi when she was a child right after being beaten to near death by the King. Aji and Sagi's relationship wasn't the greatest when they were first around each other. Sagi made sure she never trusted anyone and didn't want to make friends so they could stay hidden from the King. However, eventually, Sagi warmed up to Aji after she begged him not to abandon her, and they became a happy family.

Aji sees Sagi as her favorite person and role model, even after learning that he originally took her in to use her as a tool of revenge against the King. She held Sagi as he was dying from an attack from Roger, and he told her to forget everything he said about revenge. He told her to live her life for her own happiness, and Aji has taken that lesson to heart.

Cho Kyumin

Aji used to find Kyumin annoying, and they disagreed quite often. Especially when it came to things involving Dohoon. However, over time Aji has warmed up to Kyumin as a friend.

Yoon Siyeon

Aji liked Siyeon at the beginning of the series, being thoughtful about her feelings if she discovered that Aji and Dohoon lived with each other, and telling Dohoon to go after her after upsetting Siyeon. However, after Siyeon attacked her and revealed that she was a Drinker that kept Dohoon safe, Aji resented her, especially after telling her to stay away from Dohoon. Siyeon became her enemy at that point. After the death of Salem, Aji let Sagi take Siyeon into the group because Siyeon reminded her of herself when she had no one left. Since then they have reconciled their differences and have become friends.