Appearance Edit

Roger is quite tall, with long white hair and a beard of the same color. He wears a purple suit, and his eyes are a pale yellow.

Personality Edit

Roger is a sneaky underling of the King. He is always plotting and trying to find a way to more power. He's also very good at manipulation, and is well versed in mental warfare. However, he can be both dependable and self sacrificial to the people he considers allies that share his goals.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Drinker Abilities Edit

Roger has all the abilities of a high class Drinker. He has great strength and speed, and great perception. Unlike the other drinkers and eaters in the series, Roger has a lot of experience with his powers, making him much more deadly.

Nails Edit

Roger's nails are the same as other Drinkers, they're incredibly sharp and allow him to do loads of damage.

Symbol Instant Kill Edit

When Roger activates his symbol he gains access to an attack where he uses his nails to completely eviscerate an opponent, cutting them into cubes before eventually killing them. This is a death sentence to most people hit by this move, with the exception of Min Aji, who only survived because she wasn't the intended target. This attack has been used to kill the likes of Min Sagi, Salem, and Ciel.

Relationships Edit

The King Edit

Roger serves as the King's second in command, however, it is revealed that Roger despises the King, and is always plotting a way to usurp him and take the throne as King of the Drinkers. Despite hating him, Roger still holds respect for the King's abilities and strength.

Min Aji Edit

When Roger found that Aji was the daughter of the King, he was excited. He saw her as a way to kill the King without himself getting involved. Finding that it would be easier to keep her alive and have her do the work for him. To do this, Roger needed Aji to have her symbol awakened, in order to do this, he murdered Min Sagi, sending Aji into a rage and transforming into her monster form, where Roger was able to do minimum damage. Once Aji activated her symbol, Roger couldn't compete with her strength. After being captured, he trusts that she will be able to kill the King.