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Salem, at first main character Dohoon, thinks she is his aunt but is revealed that she was raising him so she could take the throne from the current king. When she finds about Min Aji she immediately goes to the current king and confirms the dead rumor of the king having an eater child. As such he orders her dead, which Salem volunteered to do. When she returns to her house she orders her son Ciel to assassinate Min Aji. During the fight, it is revealed that he does not have a dad and that moms are scary. It is revealed that Salem is a very abusive mother, she even goes so far as to cut of Ciel's leg to fool Dohoon into her trap in which Ciel executes. She later comes later to take Dohoon back but in the process, she fails as Dohoon shoots her while she is distracted with Min Aji. As a result, she was rather disabled and unresponsive during this time. As a result, Dohoon decides to try and kill Salem by cutting her heart out, but right before he destroys it Salem eats him but he fails to be absorbed, and in the end, escapes her and is afterward sliced up by Roger.

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